_We are machinery manufacturers and food industry projects integrators.

_Solutions adapted to your requirements.

_Gémina offers efficient solutions to complex processes.

We have 25 years of experience in the food sector offering services of engineering, projects, design and execution of factories and industrial processes, turnkey projects and technical counselling.

Specialised technical advice

Gémina offers the knowledge of its engineers and technicians who are experts on food processing, which will help to stand out your product among your competitors.

Whether for a new project, an expansion of an existing project, or the integration of new equipment in a process, our technical department offers engineering services for the projection and development of industrial companies in the food sector. We offer a complete solution for your project, planifying and managing the whole project: Turnkey project.

_Integral technical advice.

_Design of processes: We study your proposal in detail helping you to improve.

_Civil work project: installation adapted to your process.

_Analysis, calculation and selection of process equipment and auxiliary service equipment.

_3D simulation: Distribution of equipments and pipes.

_Installation of process equipment and ancillary equipment: chilling equipment, boilers, compressors, water treatment equipment, etc.

_Execution of complete installation: pipe systems,ancillary services, etc.

_Automation and robotics: complete integration of equipment and services.

The automation of industrial food processing is a reliable investment in the food industry. It consists on controlling, verifying, showing and registering the processing data provided by the equipment during its working, improving its performance. We offer a complete control of the plant operations using the latest technologies in industrial communications.

The products which have best quality and safety at the best prices dominate the market. Automation gives an optimization of production processes which revert to an adjustment of costs and a bigger control of quality parameters and food safety.

We offer 25 years of experience providing automation services in the food sector, giving solutions adapted to your needs.

_Industrial communications: Interconnection of plant elements and centralization of process.

_Central server: Tough computer systems adapted to customers for recording and protection of data.

_SCADA System (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition): Real-time control of production process and recording of process data for later analysis.

_Data analysis: sending of personalized reports, which are also available through mobile phone, tablet, PC's, etc.

Our objective is to maximize the production periods. Our long experience in food processing technology allows us to minimize the production stoppages maximizing the performance of your plant. In this way, we can carry out the usual equipment maintenance and the repair service.

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The benefits of your business are directly related to the quantity of product you can produce in a given period of time. Therefore, the performance, reliability and availability of your equipments are the key to the optimal working of your production.

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We guarantee an efficient and fast start-up, either in a new plant or in an extension of an existing plant. We offer flexible solutions, installing all the equipment and the needed ancillary services to operate.

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One of our main objectives is to ensure the reliability of the measurements in the production processes and in the quality of your products. Our technical service supplies calibrations service to guarantee the fulfilment of the current food standards.

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We supply you all the components you need just when you need them .At the moment we become part of your business, we cooperate keeping a production hazard prevention plans.

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An accurate training is the main way to assure the correct operation of your plant. Gémina provides training plans of their machinery to the future employees. Thus, their future staff is trained and qualified to solve problems and operate in correct way during the production process.

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Online assistance in failures and production stoppages is included in the maintenance plans.

_Development of products and processes: We have our own pilot plant and laboratory to develop new formulations, processes and food products. We cooperate closely with our customers helping their product stands out among their competitors.

_Optimization, development and validation of processing and packing equipment, besides of food elaboration processes.

_We offer to food sector industries consulting services for implementation, maintenance and improvement of their quality, including the management of procedures.

_Realization of a systematic review of the food production activity of your company to evaluate the compliance of the main sector standards criteria: BRC, IFS, FSSC through internal or first part audits.

Big food supply chains demand that their suppliers are certified with a national standard that assures the food safety in order to keep buying their products. One of the main aims of Gémina Integral Quality is to guide our customers in the process of adapting their company to the main food security standards such as BRC, IFS or FSS; providing assistance in the implementation of the food safety management system, which is compounded by HACCP (APPCC), prerequisites and control of the main processes. We offer advice and integral management in the processed food quality area to small and medium-size companies just as to other major producers.

Besides, we give services of validation and process control to help our customers to provide themselves with objective and update evidences, maintaining successfully their certifications in international quality standards. In this way, our customers foresee possible disagreements regarding their production system and final product and, therefore, they can solve this problematic in advance, saving money and improving the quality in their products and processes.

The integral offer in quality is complemented offering to our customers the possibility of training their production and quality staff in self-monitoring systems based in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, as well as in analytical techniques for processes control and quality assurance.

Research, development and innovation (R+D+I) is a priority activity in Gémina Procesos Alimentarios. This fact has contributed to its developments, installations and machinery carry out their function effectively in food industries located all over the world.

Gémina has directed part of this innovative investment in creating a Processes Pilot Plant along with a laboratory for supporting the quality of processed food. This equipment can characterise objectively industrial processes, new machinery and new products and food processes. It has been developed by a multidisciplinary engineers team who are experts in process design, manufacturing and integration of machinery and food technology.

Gémina pilot plant-foodpilot

Main purposes:

_Simulation of new production lines without interfering in the production processes of the daily industrial activity of the company, without stop being at the vanguard of production systems, saving time, human and technical resources.

_Development of new products to face the new demands of customers and sector trends efficiently.

10 Basic objectives:

_1. Improve production efficiencies.

_2. Reduce production costs.

_3. Optimise production processes

_4. Improve the quality of manufactured products

_5. Facilitate the access of industries to innovation and development.

_6. Develop new products

_7. Try new production processes

_8. Quantify objectively the performance of processes

_9. Personalize your processes

_10. Quantify the risks and dangers of your processes

Laboratory of research, development and validation of processes - Gémina-Lab

Gémina-Lab can meet a wide range of analytical competences applied to the characterisation of processes and processed food as to raw materials.

Its competences include analytical techniques that goes from chemical, physical, biochemical to microbiological ones. These techniques are necessary for the quantification and objective characterisation of processes efficacy and processed food quality emulating real industrial conditions of production.

This laboratory is in constant evolution, which is provided with new infrastructures and specialised services, adapting in every moment to the needs of your food industry customers.