About Gémina

GÉMINA Procesos Alimentarios, S.L. is the leader spanish company in designing and making innovative solutions for food procesing and packing. We have 25 years of experience in the food sector offering services of engineering, projects, design and execution of factories and industrial processes, turnkey projects and technical counselling. Gémina was founded in 1992 by Pedro J. Simón García and throughout the time our staff has acquired a know-how which makes our company unique in the development of food processes. This is also due to we are in a wide range of sectors and the wide variety of services we offer.

In Gémina, we adapt the machinnery and the installations to our costumers' needs, offering a personalized and exclusive treatment. In Gémina, we not only produce equipment but also add quality to our costumers' products, optimizing processes and giving useful solutions.

Our objective is the food safety, therefore, our solutions are designed to fulfil all the requirements of the most demanding regulations. In the processing and packing lines of Gemina can be treated products of the sector of juices ,tomato,citrics, drinks, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and other foods.

Our products are divided in different categories:

_ Packing

_ Processing

_ Services

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Main lines of business

Manufacture of food processing and packing equipments

In Gémina, we are industrial manufacturers and carry out in our installations all the works of engineering, design and manufacture of the process and aseptic packaging equipment.

In our general catalogue, we display all our media to fullfil your demands, either standardised machinery or that machinery adapted to particular needs.

Design, manufacture and integration of food processing and aseptic packing equipment.

Engineering: Design and implementation of processes

We have 25 years of experience in the food sector offering services of engineering, projects, design and execution of factories and industrial processes, turnkey projects and technical counselling.

We deal with new projects, expansion of existing projects, or the integration of new equipment in a process. Our technical department offers engineering services for the projection and development of industrial companies in the food sector.

We offer a complete solution for your project, planifying and managing the whole project: Turnkey project.


Gémina is characterised by its exclusive and permanent customer service. Our vocation is to become part of our customers' companies in an operational way. Therefore, we provide you with all our skills and abilities.

Our proximity to customers, technical competence, wide experience and know-how are some of the main features why our customers place their trust into our equipments and services.

Get more information about the provided services menu: Food integral quality applied to food industries (CIAIA), Maintenance service (SAT), Integrated automation and robotics.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to satisfy our customer's needs and maintain their loyalty. We promote the innovation and the continuous improvement. Our business vision is based on the following pillars:

Engineering: Design and implementation of processes

_ With your challenges and objectives, in order to fulfil your needs.

_ Overcoming your expectations regarding to the results of the provided solutions.

Confidence in our HR.

_ Encouragement of creativity, innovation, team work, the specialization and the adaptation to the constant technological progress.

_ Encouragement of our company values counting on professionals which are continuously training and are involved in the achievement of our objectives, customer oriented and with a social commitment of respect, tolerance, courtesy and politeness.

Creation of strategic alliances

_ Together with our company objectives, which promote a joint cooperation and profitability, sharing a way towards the value.

Positioning of the organization

_ Design of the Communication plan in accordance with our general guidelines and whose main objective is to make public the activity of the company and to position it as a technological company which offers innovative solutions. Our values are our principles and rules which represent the philosophy of Gémina Procesos Alimentario, S.L. and, at the same time, are the base of our organizational culture.