GÉMINA STORE a completely innovative project for online purchases of industrial components

Gémina Procesos Alimentarios is proud of introducing its main product: GÉMINA STORE (geminacomponents.com), a portal web addressed to the industry, which offers the possibility of buying online industrial components of the most renowned brands and configure them to your needs.

GEMINA STORE geminacomponentes.com is something more than a revolutionary and new online purchase system of industrial components. It facilitates the consult of catalogues, videos and all the required information about Gémina’s products, which was not easy to find until now.

GÉMINA STORE has the powerful and solid support of Gémina Procesos Alimentarios, whose main goal is to encourage the innovation and continuous improvement, and whose main business lines for almost 30 years focus on:

      - Industrial manufacture of aseptic processing and packaging equipment for the food industry.               

     - Engineering: design and implementation of processes

Pedro Simón, one of the responsible of the Project, answers some questions to know more about this innovative and pioneer initiative for food industry sector.

 What is Gémina Store?

www.geminacomponentes.com is an online portal of business-to-business sales presented though an application denominated Gémina Store, where you can find products that satisfy the needs of nowadays industry.

The aim of Gémina Store is to supply the best components at competitive prices to the industry, without scarifying quality, technical advice and after-sales service.

What is the purpose of this Project?

The use of internet by the industrial sector for online sales is an unexplored area yet. Nowadays, there is a wide difference between the implementation of digital marketing in business-to-consumer companies and business-to-business companies; however, at Gémina we are convinced of the advantages that business-to-business companies can generate in their costumers.

Why does Gémina Procesos Alimentarios launch this initiative?

The aim of this initiative is to facilitate and speed up the purchase processes to the industry through a portal where you can find and buy easily industrial components of the most renowned brands and configure them to your needs. Moreover, you can learn through technical videos and documentation about these components, or access to wide catalogues, managing to gather and present in the application all the information that was so difficult to find until now and of course, to count on Gémina’s experience and technical advice, who has almost 30 years of experience in food industrial sector.

Who is addressed this platform to?

The main focus are the departments of maintenance, production and engineering of sectors such as the food sector, the pharmaceutic sector, the energy sector, the machinery sector, etc.

Is there something similar in the food industry market?

Nowadays there is no channel offering online the range of products that our customers will find in Gémina Store. We think this sales model is without exploring, this turn us into a pioneer company, but we are sure this will be the most common sales tool in a few years.

What advantages does Gémina Store offer for food sector companies in general and Gémina’s customers in particular?

The possibility of learning about the products, configuring them to your needs and buying them in a fast and efficient way.

What is the current state of the project? What are the future steps for Gémina Store?

The portal has been made public this week officially and you can already make purchases by credit card or bank transfer. In the future, we will expand the payment methods and increase the services offered in the portal. This is only the beginning, the starting point of a very long way where Gémina has high hopes of the digitalization of the sale of industrial components.

What products or catalogues can we find in Gémina Store?

So far, we have included part of Alfa Laval catalogue where you can find products such as valves, pumps and heat exchangers among other components. We are working for including Grundfos catalogue to increase the range of pumps, which will be available in a few weeks. Moreover, we are in contact with other companies for increasing gradually the range of products we offer. The aim is to increase little by little the catalogue of products and brands and therefore, include the totality of the supplies required in the industry.


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