Gémina attends the multi-sector fair FIHAV 2017 in Cuba

At the end of October took place the Cuban fair FIHAV 2017 in Havana. It is the main multi-sector trade exhibition in Cuba and the most representative in Latin America and the Caribbean. This fair is a meeting point for Cuban companies and foreign ones, where Spanish entrepreneurs have a special relevance due to the closeness and strong commercial bonds with Cuba. Spain has more than one hundred and fifty companies represented in this fair. Being conscious of the great commercial opportunity of this important fair, Gémina Procesos Alimentarios participated as leader Spanish company of food engineering sector for considering the possibility of collaborating with Cuba on development projects in food industry where Gémina can provide excellent solutions for processing and aseptic packing of foods.

Spain is the third trading partner of Cuba, after Venezuela and China, promoting changes about its expansion economic policy. This commercial development was shown in the FIHAV 2017 plan, which included the realization of the II Inversions Forum and the presentation of the IV Business Opportunities Portfolio with proposals for foreign investors who distribute their action in sectors such as tourism, construction, basic industry, showing special interest in food industry, specifically in equipment, foods and beverages.

During those trade sessions celebrated from 30 of October to 3 of November 2017, Gémina carried out diverse meetings with the most important groups in the area. One of these important meetings was the meeting carried out with Frank Castañeda, CEO of the farming group GAG, which belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG). GAG includes around eighty food producer companies. One of the functions of this corporation includes all the productive chain from the supply of inputs, production, industrialisation and commercialisation, besides of food security and food sustainability; therefore, the meeting was very positive.

In the same way and with great interest, Gémina met with Juan Carlos Rodríguez, CEO of Frutas Selectas Group, company which commercialises fresh or preserved farming products, sweets and pulps. Moreover, they manage concentrated and natural juices apart from other food products and take care of the needs of multitude of hotel and extra-hotel companies.

One of the most relevant meetings during the FIHAV sessions was carried out by Gémina, the Chamber of Commerce and the Spanish Embassy in Cuba in an institutional meeting. Regarding FIHAV, the Spanish ambassador Juan José Buitrago declared to the EFE agency that “companies trust in Cuba and most of all they have expectations and are interested in the commercial and economic possibilities of this country”. Cuba presented in this fair as a nation that has great expectations and a great future, and Gémina trust in being present as one of the Spanish companies with big international repercussion for offering industrial solutions to Cuban producers, adapting those food processes to international standards and offering other required solutions to Cuban food industry.


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