BRC Global Standar For Food Safety in Gémina Procesos Alimentarios Services

One of the most relevant standards in the current food safety is the BRC standard (British Retail Consortium). The certification of this BRC Global food safety standard is one of the most demanded requirements by national and international companies from the food sector.

This BRC standard was born in 1998 and was promoted by British food chains. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety which manages quality and food safety is updated regularly. It is one of the most Known systems by distributors and big establishments to qualify their suppliers of brand products.

It is based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) according to the Codex Alimentarius requirements and it is focused on the food industries facilities.

Nowadays, the big supply food chains demand that their suppliers are certified with an international standard that assures food safety in order to keep buying their products.

All the companies which process food products or may are exposed to contamination hazards during the packaging process, must be aware of the products which are produced and distributed in their facilities. These companies must have methods which identify and control dangers which concern food safety. The main aim of the BRC standard is to help food sector companies, retailers and suppliers to comply with the legal responsibilities on food safety and to guarantee the maximum level of protection to meet the consumers’ requirements. Therefore, the organizations have a way of ratifying the safety of their products and the competence of their suppliers.

Gémina Procesos Alimentarios counts on professionals who stand out for their vocation of continuous learning and for adapting themselves to the constant technological and legislative changes. Gémina knows their customers demand the best quality in their products and to achieve this they give all their professional efforts.

The last year, Gémina took part in the British Retail Consortium official course for the BRC Food Safety Protocol (of third part) which was teach by AENOR. In this course were analysed the requirements of the BRC Food Safety Protocol version 7 and besides, it was specialised in the realization of BRC audits.

This year, Gémina will take part again in the BRC Global Standard course of food safety, which will take place in the AENOR headquarters in November. The aim is to update the training as auditor of quality and food safety systems according to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety in food industry.

Knowing about the BRC standard makes that Gémina, through its specialised service of “Food Integral Quality”, complies with the objective of guiding and advising its customers in the process of adapting their factories to the main food security standards such as BRC, IFS or FSS; providing assistance in the implementation of the food safety management system, which is compounded by HACCP (APPCC), prerequisites and control of the main processes.

Gemina facilitates to small and medium companies the establishment of quality and safety systems to comply with both fundamental requirements and those found in standards such as BRC, IFS and FSSC by:

- Processing of food certifications

- Counselling for the first establishment of auditable quality standards or expansion of productive activity

- Realization of the internal audit prior to the certification process

The integral offer on food quality can be found in the catalogue of INTEGRAL QUALITY APPLIED TO FOOD INDUSTRY, which you can download here.





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