GÉMINA designs, makes and installs in the University of Huelva (in collaboration with Adesva: Technological Center of the Agroindustry) a pilot plant of laboratory for pasteurization of diverse products with aseptic filler sterilized bags.

The mentioned team, has been designed to realize tests with the intention of improving on a large scale the development of new food products. With this technology, stops of production are avoided in the process to obtain samples of the product.

The equipment integrates a pasteurizator together with the filler aseptic one, quite made and mounted on the same chassis, so that we have managed to synthesize two concepts in one only, doing of this machine a compact, versatile and very useful.

The pasteurizator has capacity for a production of 200 l/h and is totally automated. The compress of aseptic filler is totally automatic and is controlled by means of a tactile screen integrated to the equipment across which it is possible to supervise and control the parameters of the process of pasteurization, sterilization and filler. The section of maintenance of the pasteurizator is adaptable to diverse configurations, with the intention of changing the length of the section, and of this form the time of maintenance depending on the type of product that is processed.

The sterilization in the filler chamber realized by means of injection of peracétic acid in combination by steam. For it, one has installed an air pistol controlled by PLC that regulates the flow of dew of acid, injecting it on the stopper of the bag when it is necessary.

GÉMINA designs this type of equipments depending on the needs of every client, adapting the machine to the type of process that it wants to realize, hereby there can select the degree of automation that is needed, or the options that want to include in the equipment as section of aseptic bags filler, type of sterilization, etc.

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